After several years studying the Mayan calendars, in 2007, I participated in a pilgrimage through sacred places in Guatemala with a group led by Don Alejandro Cirilo Perex Oxlaj, also known as Wandering Wolf and nicknamed "Tata."  While there, he and Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo introduced me to my Mayan Cross and since then, I have been fascinated by the uncanny insights that this tool reveals. I am not alone. Note what others say about the wisdom and guidance that this process lends.

More trips to Guatemala, numerous Mayan Cross readings, fire ceremonies, meditations and quality time with a wonderful cross-section of Aj q’ijab gave rise to my passion to share this wisdom with others. My sense is that this work chose me, not me, it.

With the bru-hah about 2012 behind us, we can now focus on applying what we've learned and using one of the many great gifts of the Maya: their sacred Chol'qi calendar and the Mayan Cross. This tool helps us to develop insight to our higher self and thus, become wiser stewards of our relationships and our Earth.

Don Alejandro requested that if we chose to share with other what he taught us, to not “twist his words.”  In my heart of hearts, I have endeavored to honor that request. What is presented on this website is my experience of the Mayan Cross based on study, ancestral memories, visions and what flows through me, rather than what I think. It is my intent to honor all Mayan teachings, spawned from  the teachers, nawales and ancestors who guide our steps towards fulfillment of our destinies. As with me, I trust that your experience of the Mayan Cross will be yours alone. 

As you assimilate the self-discovery made possible through the Mayan Cross, I encourage you to do three things:

  1. Breathe as you read. It helps to stay present.
  2. Provide feedback; help me enhance this content to make this the best possible resource for our fellow seekers. After months in the making, this site will continue to evolve.
  3. Do your best to hold this wisdom in your heart, respect its power and ability to assist you in being a substantive force in making the world a loving, harmonious, and magical place.

In deep gratitude to all of the great teachers and teachings that, after many years of silence, are finding their way into our hearts~

maltiox, mil gracias~

Barbara J. Sadtler, MA, Integral Health; Registered Yoga Teacher
Kin 11.Tijax

PS A little about me:

I am a global citizen, teacher, counselor, yogi, meditator, Mayan cosmologist and writer. My intentions are to assist others in navigating life's twists and turns so that they may realize who they truely are and what they are meant to be and do in this lifetime.

I use two primary tools:

1.  breath awareness, which consciously enlivens every moment

2. the Mayan Cross, which charts your life path, uncovering strengths and challenges, so that you may more effectively manage your energies to meet your destiny. 

I do sessions, both group and private, on a donation basis. Go to our CONTACT page for details.

My specialties are: asking, listening, explaining, demonstrating, writing and intuiting with compassion and grace. From a practical stand point I love to grow and cook my own food and dote on my loved ones.